Vinci's Secret 48 Charcoal Color Pencil Set with eBook for Adults

Vinci's Secret 48 Charcoal Color Pencil Set with eBook for Adults

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Here Is How Da Vinci Draws - BONUS: FREE Adult Color EBook

Heck no. That is your first thought when offered kids colored pencils. The colors are too flashy and unreal. But what choice do you have, right? WRONG. Adult artists finally have a choice - an affordable one. We engineered soft wooden pencils with a great color selection because that is exactly what YOU need. We know. We needed the same. Let me explain.

Advice to Artists Seeking Improvementt

- Color Variety Matters - Create beautiful art with 48 unique shades that spread and blend easily without effort
Enjoy Sharp, Smooth Drawings - Quickly, easily capture realistic sketches on paper with tools the pros use
Stop Breaking Pencils - Durable, that is the best word to describe our coloring set. These pencils do not break easily while sharpening or drawing so they last longer - much longer
Practice Like Grown Ups - Art is a lifelong passion, but it changes. Today you need artist pencils to match. These perform. PLUS free COLORING BOOKS FOR ADULTS - Be a kid again!


There is no other way to describe our colored kit. The pencils pop and your drawings come to live. True art, that is goal. The rich hues, color selection and quality craftsmanship all make these your favorite colored pencils ever - WE GUARANTEE IT.

Why Vinci's Secret?

★ 100% dedication to artist satisfaction - love your pencil set or your money back

★ Long lasting design - sturdy colored pencils sharpen easy and stay strong
★ Reasonable price plus great performance - we never skimp on quality, color or durability despite our affordability!
★ Amazing customer service - artists for life, customers for life

BONUS! Buy Your Colored Pencils Now and for limited time get our FREE Adult Coloring Book bundle - drawings and coloring for adult artsy fun and practice - FREE

  • ✎ RICH VARIETY OF COLORS - FOR ADULTS - 48 Pro Quality Color Pencils For Rich Colors To Bring Your Creations To Life. From Landscapes To Caricatures, Cartoons To Still Lifes, Vinci's Secret Colored Pencils Easily Put Vibrant Color To Paper - SPECIAL HIGH QUALITY FORMULA
  • ✎ ALMOST UNBREAKABLE - Most Colored Pencils Crack. Engineered Using Only Strongest Wood And Most Durable Materials, Our Pencil Sets Last Without Tips Easily Breaking, Saving Time, Money And Stress.
  • ✎ COLOR VIBRANTLY ON THE PAGE - Most Pencils Transfer Color Poorly. Our Soft Coloring Pencils Are Not Only Comfortable, But Easily Glide Along Paper, Canvas Or Most Artistic Surfaces - Coloring Perfectly Without Pressing Hard.
  • ✎ BEST QUALITY AND PRICE ON AMAZON - Our Margins Are Tiny. Quality Art Supplies Should Not Break The Bank. The First Sample Batch Was Not Good Enough. We Upgraded Color Formulations (costing Us Twice As Much As Others) To Deliver Best Colored Pencils On Amazon!
  • ☆☆☆☆☆ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Love Your New Pencils Or Your Money Back, No Questions Asked, Just A Prompt, Courteous Refund. Vinci's Secret Is A Company By And For Artists, Painters And Creatives And We're Here 7 Days A Week To Deliver You Unsurpassed Service, Answer Any Of Your Artsy Questions And Help You Have A Great Time Producing Pretty Spectacular Art.

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