The Tiger's Child

The Tiger's Child

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From the bestselling author of One Child comes this incredible, true story of the six-year-old girl who touched the hearts of millions and the courage of one teacher who would not give up on her.

What ever became of Sheila?

When special education teacher Torey Hayden wrote her first book One Child thirty-five years ago, she created an international bestseller. Her intensely moving true story of Sheila, a silent, profoundly disturbed little six-year-old girl touched millions. From every corner of the world came letters from readers wanting to know more about the troubled child who had come into Torey Hayden's class as a hopeless case, and emerged as the very symbol of eternal hope within the human spirit.

Now, for all those who have never forgotten this endearing child and her remarkable relationship with her teacher, here is the surprising story of Sheila, the young woman.

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Dimensions Needlecrafts Paintworks Paint By Number, Regal Tiger

Dimensions Needlecrafts Paintworks Paint By Number, Regal Tiger

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