pick your color wood whale wall art

pick your color wood whale wall art

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teal (or pick your color) whale wood wall art. Artistic and stylish wood whale. Definitely a gentle creature! Designed for a wall or a table/desk, etc. Sits nicely. If you want it on a wall, no problem. Hardware is already on the back. All you need is a wall and a nail. Easy. Painted with acrylic paints, stained, and varnished. Nice sheen without being overly shiny or gaudy. This is the thicker (and expensive) 3/4" sanded plywood. Non-warping and very high quality wood! Each piece may have some slight differences because every piece is handmade. Rest assured that your piece will look very similar to the pictures shown however. Measures 22" long by 10" tall (tallest tail section) by 3/4" thick. 1) classic white 2) antique white 3) soft buttercup 4) cake spice 5) chestnut 6) brown 7) pewter gray 8) cottage sage green 9) jungle trail green 10) swamp green 11) black 12) royal blue 13) dark navy blue 14) country blue 15) blue gray 16) turquoise 17) teal 18) fish pond 19) soft blue 20) tropical ocean 21) purple 22) barn red 23) carousel pink 24) soft pink 25) coral salmon

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